Esperanza 2k18 - techno cultural fest is being organised and scheduled to be held on 7th September, 2018. The fest attracts the best talents across the state. We dedicate this fest to the celebration of creativity and 25 years of Soundarya. There are lots of events lined up to show case the talent/skills of the students. We are striving to excel with the co-operation and collaboration of the Soundarya family and the sponsors to make the best of this fest.

About the Theme

Our physical body is comprised by 5 elements of nature: FIRE, EARTH, WATER, AIR and SPACE. It is a divine intervention when one explores Lord Shiva's manifestation as these 5 governing elements of nature, it is pure bliss connect and immerse oneself with the source of creation and nature.
Esperanza 2k18 is deisgned in such a way that each event represents one element.

Get ready !

Dazzle like the fire, rigorous like earth, glide like the water, bend like the air and lucid like space.


Contact us to get more details about participation or pretty much anything about Esperanza 2k18

Narendra Ekbote : +91 8217826072