Soundarya has been known for beautifying always the students lives, giving space for curricular and extra-curricular activities. In its way this year, Esperanza 2k17 - a techno cultural fest is being organized and scheduled to be held on 8th and 9th September, 2017. The fest definitely attracts the best talents across 70-90 colleges. We dedicate this fest to the celebration of creativity and 25 years of Soundarya. There are lots of events lined up to show case the talent/skills of the students. We are striving to excel with the co-operation and collaboration of the Soundarya family and the sponsors to make the best of this fest.

Get ready !

Comrades, prepare your troops ! Equip ! Train 'em hard. You're ready to witness the ultimate battle of colleges. Troops from all over Karnataka will be up. Meet 'em ! Greet 'em ! The battle begins on September 8th.

DJ Night

Come have a thriller night in our DJ night show and put on some moves for the best beats across bollywood, EDMs, hollywood and anything that'll get you the adrenaline rush. Come join us in evening on both the days and put your hands up ! Let's rock n' roll !

P.S : There's a surprise waiting for you guys on the second day...


Sponsors and Partners

Sponsored by

K2 Learning

Fashion Partner



Rajkumar Civil Service Academy
Knowledge Publishers
Highway Book Stall


Contact us to get more details about participation or pretty much anything about Esperanza 2k17

Narendra Ekbote : +91 8217826072